For my whole life I’ve kind of had a bigger belly but the rest of my body is skinny. my thighs look skinny but theres fat in between the legs near the torso..last year I didn’t exercise much and there was obviously no improvement…this year I made the tennis team and im running around everyday drinking a lot of water and eating healthier, but I still dont see any improvement in my stomach area or my thighs…however im losing weight, but im not losing fat. I am wondering why nothing has improved my belly or thighs, and I’m sick of it. Tight shirts don’t look good on me from elbow down, kind of like a big muffin top…so I never can wear them. I was wondering why im not losing any weight in those areas, and if theres anything specific i should do to make me get my "dream body" i want to wear a bikini this summer! haha. I’m skinny but my stomach wont seem to go away and I HATE it.

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