Anyone know any tennis workouts?

I need some tennis footwork exercises to build speed.

Also does anyone know a site or a workout to build strong legs for tennis. Not just strong legs but legs that help for tennis.

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  1. tennispimpster, 13 May, 2010

    Things you need for tennis (legs only):
    -quick feet (strong calves)
    -explosive legs (strong quads)
    -quick sprints (all leg muscles)

    Quick feet:
    -Jump roping: simple but very effective. Just do a lot of jumps and switch it up occasionally (one foot, alternate feet, double jumps, etc)
    -Ladder exercises: you’ll have to go out to some sports store and buy a ladder and then just look up some exercises on youtube.
    -Calf raises: you can do these just standing or go to the gym and lift some weight (but lifting weight will give you calves with strength but not endurance or speed, so you might as well just stand at home and do as many as you can)

    Explosive legs: To train explosive legs, you might have to go to the gym. A home workout is OK but in the gym you can build power.
    Squats: The single best legs workout. Most will go at a constant pace the whole time but that doesn’t build explosive power. Instead of a 1-2-3-4 up, 1-2-3-4 down count, do a 1-2 up, 1-2-3-4 down. The quicker up motion will help with tennis.
    One legged squats: Most of the time in tennis, you won’t be lifting equal weight on both feet. During a stroke, you will push with one of the legs more than the other. One legged squats will help with this.
    Jump lunges: These should be done without weights to prevent injury. Get to a lunge position (one foot in front of the other with the back knee almost touching the ground) then jump off the ground as high as you can. When you land, your feet should have switched in mid air (original back leg is now in front and original front leg is now behind)

    Sprints: These are the easiest to train. Just basically do a ton of sprints. Also do some sprints that help you change direction. For example, suicides (look these up online if you don’t know what they are) or if you’re on a tennis court, start at the t-mark on the baseline. Sprint up to the t of the service boxes (middle of the court), change direction and sprint to the alley (left or right, doesn’t matter) then immediately change direction again and sprint to the opposite alley, side shuffle back to the center of the court, and back pedal to the t-mark.

  2. Anonymous, 13 May, 2010

    1)Workout: Agility Ladder Drills:


    Make a hexagon on the ground with duct tape, or lay a 10-foot jump rope on the grass in this shape. Each side should be 20–24 inches long. Stand at the center and jump with both feet to one corner of the hexagon, then back to the center. Going as fast as you can, proceed around to each corner of the figure, jumping back to center each time. Reverse direction and go back around. Keep your knees bent and your weight on the balls of your feet as you jump. Do 3–5 sets and rest at least 30 seconds between sets. For a more advanced version, place a cone between the center and each corner of the hexagon and jump over it each time.
    Improves: ankle stability, acceleration, lateral direction change
    Notes: “Tennis players change direction 4.2 times per point,” Ellenbecker says. This drill readies a player for all that high-speed mobility.
    3) this is one of my favorite fitness and tennis sites.
    just "look around" and you will find great workouts.

    good luck and remember not to work to hard, the body needs time to adjust.

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