Sore elbow?

I banged my elbow hard about three weeks ago. It was quite bruised. Now it hurts when i carry stuff, or when I stretch out my fingers 9sometimes). It doesnt really hurt much to touch and there is nothing to see. I don’t really want to bother a doctor. Do you think it will just heal itself?

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  1. epinionated, 13 May, 2010

    Depending on where the impact occurred, it could be anything from a deep bruise to a fracture.

    If you’re experiencing pain when you stretch out your fingers, it sounds like the strike was in the front portion of your lower arm (between your elbow and wrist). Most likely a deep bruise that’s sensitive to the tendon and must contraction.

    No question about it, you should see a physician. It’s not worth taking a chance at arthritis or chronic pain if it can be avoided.

  2. Reddog, 13 May, 2010

    You may have fractured it when you banged it. Not bad or else that would realy hurt! But just enough to be sore. I think you should go to the doctor

  3. pisces1932, 13 May, 2010

    i think you banged a tendon or ligament. that happened to me and it took about 6 months to heal. same thing – it didn’t hurt to touch, but it hurt when i carried stuff especially in certain positions. it takes really long but it does heal. i didn’t see a doctor.

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