What is the best exercise or workout to improve my tennis skills for tryouts? I have the quickness!?

What can i do to imporve my hitting and serving in particular?

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  1. Tennis Man, 14 May, 2010

    Here are some great excersises but I must warn you, you must be able to handle this pain. It is very painful
    1. Hold your arms straight up in the air and open and close your palms as fast as you can for about one minute. Repeat this about three times. Make sure your finger tips go all the way out when you open your palms.
    2. Hold your arms straight across and close your fists. Keep that position for about a minute. Do this about three times as well (or as many as you want.
    3. Put your hands behind your head and make sure your fingers do not interlock. Hold your eblows out striahgt as possible to the left and right. Then just hold for about a minute. Do this as much as you like.
    4. Try to go to a tennis center or even just a street. Anywhere is fine. Have someone go with you. (Coach, Dad, etc.) Make you do these following excersises. Sprints: Pretty simple, pick a spot and sprint up and back repeaatedly until the person with you says stop. Sideshuffles: Go to the same spot except this time, do a sideshuffle, which is when you stay low and make your feet go in one direction. If you have a coach with you he will explain better. Do this until the person with you says stop. 6 Inches: Lay on your back and put your hands under your back. Lift your legs 6 inches off the ground for about a minute. The person with you will time you and tell you when to stop. Pushups: Not ordinary ones though. Make your coach make you do another pushup every 10 seconds to a certain amount of pushupd. Inbetween push ups, just stay in the push up poistion until he says the next pushup. Do not try to do this without someone for it will not work. Good luck! Even though you have the speed, the sprints will make it better. Trust me do them! Good luck!!!!!

    All these will help your arms and legs and other things that are necessary in tennis. For serve help, ask your tennis coach for help. Coachs are great servers. All these excersices should make you stronger and probably hit the ball harder but for stroke techniques, ask a coach to help you out.

  2. John D, 14 May, 2010

    Do Core(stomach) workouts. That will very much help your power, especially your serve

  3. Yuanchao Li, 14 May, 2010

    You should start with a lot of stretching, and then just get some hitting experience under your belt by practicing a lot with a friend. Not 30min or 1hour practices, but actually like going intensely for at least 2 hours every day, so you have built up that endurance and experience.

    Also timing is a key, so just try to get the timing perfected, like if you hit late, the ball will go right, and if you hit early, the ball will go left. When you have the timing down, you can hit the corners easily (assuming your a righty).

    Footwork is a major issue with most tennis players. I’m really quick, but I tend to be really lazy, and just hit the ball wherever I’m standing. You always want the ball to be at hip level when you hit it, this maximizes power, and you want to make your arm at full length at the point of contact. Sidestepping really helps, and you can learn the split step to gain a big advantage.

  4. victor, 14 May, 2010

    take a dumbell(like 5-10 lbs), and then practice ground strokes with that twisting your body and stepping in from your back foot to front foot so you learn how to weight transfer and twisting. the reason behind the dumbell is so you know where to generate your power from. don’t worry, once you try it, you’ll know you’re using more arms than legs once you do it right. this works on your muscle memory so your body remembers to do it on a court with a tennis racket.

    so how you do it is…basically, an exercise i do is that i practice sidestepping with it to work on footwork, weight transfer, muscle memory, and stepping into the ball with this drill. i don’t want to get too much into detail in this post unless you wanted it so all i’m going to say is just go on a tennis court and do liners with cross courts but instead of touching the lines, just get your hitting leg out there bent and then rock forward getting your weight from the back leg to the front leg having one foot on each side of the line as you sidestep. always face forward and your shoulders should be turning as well (like facing to the left or right of the court, then facing toward the court at the end of your swing.)

    just keep doing that and your body will get used to it and youll play tennis well.

    so now, to continue my fat essay, for serves, practice a motion for your serve for your body, again, to get the muscle memory of a service motion. serving is like throwing a ball. take a racket, and swing like you’re throwing a ball, let it come around to your left side of your body on your follow through and then continue your motion in one motion. (so hard to explain this without showing it to you)

    oh well, whatever, hope you even understand any bit of my information, you seem like you’re kinda new and i threw out pretty advanced stuff i guess. lol. just keep my information and maybe when you get better you can learn those exercises haha.

  5. pirate.chan, 14 May, 2010

    Best workout to improve tennis skills is to rally with a ball against the wall. It improves the smoothness of your swing and you can practice volleys as well. You can also serve at the wall and return it and keep rallying.

  6. mike h, 14 May, 2010

    might want to work on your biceps and triceps at the gym or home

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