Does anyone know some arm exercises that works out the push up muscles?

Does anyone know some arm exercises that works out the push up muscles?
I need to work out my arms for tennis and badminton. I can’t do very much real push ups. So I need some exercises to help my arm muscles build stronger.
btw i’m a girl.
And i’m not very strong.

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  1. DekH, 15 May, 2010

    Push ups are similar to bench press in that they exercise the pecs, the delts (shoulders), and to some degree, the lats (muscles along your back). And triceps too.

    Try bench press with a very light weight (the bar only). Move to shoulder press (dumbbells 5-10 lbs). And some tricep excercises: dumb-bell kickbacks (bend over, keep the upper part of your parallel to the ground, and move your lower arm up so its parallel also, and then down). This is a great toning exercise too. Last….dips will help out both chest and triceps. Use a chair or bench, rest your hands on it and go in a sitting position with your bottom off the ground. Lower yourself and go back.

  2. jmanmexico, 15 May, 2010

    bench press,dumbell flyes,tricep extensions.any excersise for your triceps or chest will help with your pushups.

  3. LaShaye P, 15 May, 2010

    May sound odd, but playing about 45 mins a day of handball, every other day can help. Also if you have dunbell weights, 8lbs or 10 lbs are a nice simple amount to start off with. Try doing reps of 50 every other day where you lift them up over your head and they end up touching. Even the " girl technique" of push-ups have benefits. Every now and then my upper body strenghts lags a little so I try those, and it helps out. Not to mention the guys notice and love how tone my arms look without looking all buff and manlike. Hope this helps.

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