What do you think all of this exercising/ tennis practice will do to my body?

I started tennis practice today, and I’m aching all over. (I’m 14 years old, 112 lbs, and 5 foot 2.)
Today, we ran half a mile first thing (five minutes), did numerous exercises for about 10 min (walking lunges, arm swings, and a bunch of other things), stretched for about 5 min, played tennis for 2 hours, and then played a game where you are constantly running for half an hour.

I have tennis practice every single day this week until Sunday. Thats 6 total days. On Tuesdays and Thursdays our warm-ups are longer and more stenuous. We will have to run one mile a day now, and then one day we’ll have to run two. In addition to playing tennis for two hours.

If my diet stays the same, what do you think will happen? Will I get a lot of muscle or something?

Also, what can I do to ease sore muscles without going out and buying something?

Thanks. =]

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  1. Make it Rayne, 17 May, 2010

    Well, you will definitely get more fit.
    And to ease muscle pain, just try relaxing at night, take a warm bath, drink some hot tea, and listen to some music. Thats what i do when i get home from work

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