How can I strengthen my elbow joints?

I’ve been practicing martial arts and my arms seem to be getting a lot stronger and faster but my elbow joints aren’t getting stronger with my the rest of my arms. I need strong elbows to be able to handle executing fast punches. Does anyone know any good exercises that could help?

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  1. Smiling Jack, 18 May, 2010

    Fats punches is technique, not strength. In fact studies show too much weightlifting and strength training hinders punching speed. Also the elbow joint doesnt matter in punches, the power comes from the legs as well as the hips and abdominal muscles that rotate the body.

    But for stronger elbows, you want to train your triceps, those are the three muscles that make your arm extend, exercises like pushups, diamond pushups, skull crushers, tricep cable pulls, bench presses, shoulder presses, etc. everything that involves your arm extending works the triceps which makes your elbow joint stronger.

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