I would like to understand why the area near my elbow has been acting up the last 4 months?

For the last 4 months the area near my elbow has been not only been painful and sore but also at times turns purple, as if I had a bruise but only when its sore. Also i cant hold my arm straight down by my side when it becomes painful if it is exposed to the sun at all. It also seems like my veins become more visible in the afffected area. I would really appreciate any insight or suggestions anyone could offer so that I can figure out what this is.

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  1. dougie, 18 May, 2010

    This sounds very much like "tennis elbow", actually tendonitis or inflammation of a tendon and/or the sheath that is slides in.
    Because it doesn’t go away or get better, makes this highly suspect. Because this is an inflammation, there are things that you can do to improve, over time: Rest, anti-inflammatory meds (taken consistently) and splints have variable results:
    Of course, it is very difficult to rest your forearm and still use your hand but that’s why it usually doesn’t improve but, absolutely avoid strenuous and "impact "activities.
    Best bet, is to see a Doc, for something that has lasted so long.

  2. princessa_cubana2005, 18 May, 2010

    yea, you should seriously see a doctor.

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