joint soreness,pins and needles in one toe,muscle weakness,joints feel bruised,achy Bones,sore skin to touch,?

aching joints,stiff wrists,swollen fingers,elbows feel bruised,with weakness in muscles cant carry shopping,blurred Vision,sore burning toe on the left foot,pins and needles,numbness,cant feel my toe some times.aching at the back of the ankle.skeleton bones ache its hard to get up in the morning,stiff joints.bending is difficult,keep fit is difficult,lifting weights is to hard,my muscles are to weak and my joints ar pain full,also skin sourness to touch,so i get no sleep,tired,broken sleep,irritable.

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  1. tcwmntcwtdod, 19 May, 2010

    It may be a form of arthritis, or another disease. An infection can also bring about such symptoms. Warm compresses can help relieve joint pains, taking pain relievers also can provide temporary relief. However it is advisable to consult your doctor so that you can find out the underlying cause of these symptoms because it manifests throughout your body.

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