My boobs are sore and im wondering what its caused from!?

My boobs have been so sore for the last week and i have no idea why! Im not supposed to start my period for another 1 1/2 and i haven’t had sex Sense before my last period. why could they be sore i am on the patch. My kids elbow them and i just want to scream. And i have not breast fed a child for over a year know. Please help me!

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  1. Pami S, 20 May, 2010

    Maybe you are experiencing PMS symptoms early….or maybe you are pregnant and your last period was implantation bleeding. That is actually more common than you think. Maybe the hormones fro the patch are making them more sore. I would do a preg test just to be sure….if pos then there you go…if neg then wait to see if you maybe start your period early. If its still normal then consider the patch being the cause and ask your dr if its a common side effect. Maybe you need to get checked out, or the patch isnt the right BC for you…. but from the sound of it I think its the patch and/or PMS.

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