my right arm elbow joint hurts?

ok so my rights arms elbow front and back hurts to bend move…im thinking its a position of sleep issue or placement..i keep bending my elbow pulling my arm and almost breaking my elbow to relieve the pain. i dont think its workin. I dont rly believe its a condition just a awkward placement or soreness from arm wrestling..anyway how would i relieve it or make it heal…
sorry if this was messy i am very sleepy…

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  1. Morango, 24 May, 2010

    Like you said, you might have slept on the wrong position and made it hurt. The only way you can make it get better is to keep moving it, in different positions, like stretching it. Even though it hurts when you do that, it will help lubricate the joints and stretch the ligaments/muscles of the area. If you have a swimming pool and are able to do these exercises in the water, it would be even better, less impact on the joints. Or even try it on a tub. I hope you get better!

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