how do i take off the elbow on my gas line so that i can extend it downwards?

I need to move the gas line 12 inches down for my new slide in range. I hired a plumber to do it but he said he could not take the elbow off the the pipe and he needs a special tool to do that. I want to know how I can take that elbow off the pipe.

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  1. Wylie Coyote, 25 May, 2010

    With the gas line turned off, your new plumber should be able to do it safely. Be patient, don’t blow yourself up, and don’t burn down your house.

  2. Stuart, 25 May, 2010

    With the gas turned off, just use a pipe wrench to hold the pipe, and a second pipe wrench to loosen the elbow.

    Or, just put a flex line on the pipe so it will reach the new slide in range correctly.


  3. Patrick U, 25 May, 2010

    Use a reciprocating saw and make sure the gas is off before you do anything.

  4. Darby, 25 May, 2010

    I don’t think renovating a gas line is a DIY project. Call a plumber to make sure it’s done right. You don’t want a leak that could lead to an explosion or death from carbon monoxide.

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