I was walking down the front steps(dreaming), I slipped and hit the floor with my back. (thankfully, I didn’t hit the steps)

My right arm took most of the impact. The wrist hurts a little bit, but thats not a big thing, it will go away. BUT the back of my right elbow looks like it has a large tennis ball attached to it. and it hurts bad.

I am not able to stretch my arm more than 150Degrees (people can, upto 180 degrees) or below 40 degrees. My right palm cant touch the right shoulder. Every time I move it closer to the shoulder, it gives me a terrible streak of pain from the tip of my fingers to the neck. Can’t write or type properly, how do you get rid of the pain and swelling?

I can pick up things but not more than 3 books.

(First aid: Deep Heat & Elmetacin Spray Solutions)
middle of the night. and can’t drive right now.
CANT DRIVE with this on my hand. midnight. hospital too far away. maybe in the morning. but not now. Anything for the pain?
ouch. wrist to.
trying ice now. pain is still there.
I see the danger with YA now, dont know if medical solutions here are the right thing to do. bloody steps. ah. ouch ouch ouch.

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