How do I get this guy to stop touching me?

We’re in middle school and he always pretends to touch me on accident, always try to get near me, and goes out of class when I do. Hes been doing it for the past 2 months. He already has a girlfriend but then why is he doing this?

3 days ago when I was standing behind him he put his hand on my butt and I heard him laughing. His hands always brush past my butt.

The next day he came to sit next to me and touched me thigh with his thigh and kept rocking it back and forth and he always elbowed my sides or touched my arm. I was about to run into him while walking but I moved to the side and he moved to the side too and my head and fists hit his chest. Did he do that on purpose?

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  1. Maxine, 29 May, 2010

    Lol if i was his gf i would dump his butt in a heart by the way hes flirting with you.

    I think he likes u ALOT! like beyond friends!
    He oviously likes u and he would stop by now if he didnt.
    The question is do u like him.

    I no this is a tricky one bt this could go like a few different ways..

    1.if you dont like him then u shuld tell him to stop cuz ignoring him isnt doin anything,,,oviously
    2. if u do like him then see where it goes. bt not in frount of the gf. dont give into to him right away, see where his realtionship status his with his gf and if its bad then why not give it a try.
    3. if u still arnt sure and u dont wanna ask then play hard to get and see if he puts more effert into it. or try and catch him on little things
    such as if he…
    1. looks at u alot
    2. whispers to his friends when u look at him
    3. or completly walks away from his friends to talk to u.

    but like i said it matters of u like him and where his realtionship status is with his gf
    who nos maybe they arnt even together.

    Hope i helped alitlle :))

  2. Cocoa Midnight, 29 May, 2010

    ooh.. HE LIKES YOU!! i bet he doesn’t wanna be with his gf. do you like him back? if you don’t like what he’s doing tell him to stop, or just talk to him.

  3. xobrittox, 29 May, 2010

    i think he likes you……. ALOT!

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