Complete Jogging program Swami Ramdev Exercise “Yogic Jogging”

Swami Ramdev Complete Exercise program-Yogic Jogging

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  1. wdp3a15515, 11 April, 2009

    swami ramdevji is a great yogi!

  2. meenawazira, 14 July, 2009

    iam meena from west germany.i see baba,s video´s,he is a great person.I respect you baba.And i love to listen him.

  3. m00a00d, 21 September, 2009

    may OM bless baba ramdev!!

  4. aaraj29, 18 April, 2010

    what a nice song

  5. Ad23051958, 16 May, 2010

    long live the god of ind

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