How to get rid of Eczema?

I am 14 years old, and have eczema, it gets very bad in the summer around my stomache, back of knees, and the inside of my elbows, and it is bikini season, and i want to not have people staring at my blotchy red spots all on my body. How do i get rid of it, or make it not as noticable. P.S. it itches really bad!

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  1. Jessica, 30 May, 2010

    You may wanna try going to a dermatologist. They would recommend a cream called Costicosteroiud which is actually a type of steroid.

    There are also others ways:

    1. Fish spa is a fun way to relieve it

    2. Aveeno and other moisturizers.

    Also don’t forget to ask your parents for advice.

    Goo luck!

  2. MrTights, 30 May, 2010

    you should see your doctor for a itch relieving cream and an anti eczema cream (usually they are 2 in 1)

  3. Trista, 30 May, 2010

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