Is it a good idea for a 34 year old to learn tennis?

I am trying to find something to multi task: an exercise that will occupy my time, help me learn something new and exciting, and would not be too pricey. Is tennis a good idea for a 34 year old? Or would my other option, aikido (which I already have some experience in), be a better idea?

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  1. gr8ss4opper, 02 June, 2010

    I started at 28 and it has been awesome. I would recommend taking some group lessons or possibly even a community college class if one is available in your area. You could also try a different art, like yoga or tai chi. It is never too late to start tennis. And if you start with good instruction, you will enjoy it even more. Once you are good enough (shouldn’t be too long), you can join a USTA team and have fun playing team matches. Good luck!

  2. Adam, 02 June, 2010

    No. You might die.

  3. TheBluePolkaDot, 02 June, 2010

    You can learn tennis at any age! It’s a fun sport and it’s great exercise. As for price, I wouldn’t suggest buying a raquet at wal*mart, because they are cheaply made, but you can buy tennis balls there and get a more professional quality raquet from either a pro, a lot of pros sell their old raquets, or at
    Hope this helped!

  4. Nicki, 02 June, 2010

    Absolutely! Tennis is "the sport of a lifetime". =]

    Tennis is actually pretty expensive to play seriously, though. For a good pair of tennis shoes, expect to pay over $100, and don’t be surprised to spend more than $150 on a racquet, although a beginner won’t need to spend that much.

    Actually, you do want to buy a cheap racquet to start. As you get better, you will develop a playing style, and your playing style will not work with your expensive racquet you bought to start out, so just buy a cheap one; even if the racquet does suit your playing style, you’ll outgrow it and want something different anyway. So don’t spend more than $80 on your first racquet.

    Good luck!

  5. kummy, 02 June, 2010

    Tennis is a game which can be started at any age if one has the physical fitness. In your case if you have been playing any ball game or shuttle or squash you will pick up the game easily. In case you have not been a sports person, initially start fast walking for a month and then start running and do free hand exercises before star playing tennis. Otherwise you can injure your hamstring or muscles. Adopting to a diet of lot of salads and fruits can help you by making your muscles supple to facilitate your movement.

    wish you learn tennis and enjoy it. I have played with players who took to tennis after 60 years and played pretty decent game. good luck.

  6. tennislover, 02 June, 2010

    its never too late.. and exercise is good at any age..
    and u will get great exercise with tennis

    don’tbe discouraged because u held off learning untill now…
    get out there and play

  7. Vivian T, 02 June, 2010

    Why not?

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