Stomach + thigh fat help please?

For my whole life I’ve kind of had a bigger belly but the rest of my body is skinny. my thighs look skinny but theres fat in between the legs near the torso..last year I didn’t exercise much and there was obviously no improvement…this year I made the tennis team and im running around everyday drinking a lot of water and eating healthier, but I still dont see any improvement in my stomach area or my thighs…however im losing weight, but im not losing fat. I am wondering why nothing has improved my belly or thighs, and I’m sick of it. Tight shirts don’t look good on me from elbow down, kind of like a big muffin top…so I never can wear them. I was wondering why im not losing any weight in those areas, and if theres anything specific i should do to make me get my "dream body" i want to wear a bikini this summer! haha. I’m skinny but my stomach wont seem to go away and I HATE it.

I’m the perfect weight for my age and height, it’s just my stomach wont go away neither will the little fat near the thigh area. my stomach down doesnt seem to tone, and im so much healthier now, help? I can only see progress in my weight, but my weight is fine so im trying to focus more on how to lose the fat…which is not working

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  1. Shonta, 03 June, 2010

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  2. Amya, 03 June, 2010

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  3. J, 03 June, 2010

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