What are some good tennis exercises/drills?

I need to work on the speed of my serve, I usually hit a kick that probably goes anywhere from 40-60mph and it lands in nearly 80% of the time. My accuracy isn’t where I’d like it to be either. My winners are usually of the mark by a couple inches and not as fast as I’d like to them. Got pretty decent court speed but it could always be better. I use the Cortex AeroPro Drive from Babolat currently but will probably have the GT within the week.

Any drills or exercises I could do to improve any aspect of my game would be helpful, especially if I could do them without a partner. Also any literature or videos you know that might help me would be appreciated too.

Thanks 🙂
Also any recommendations on strings for when I get the GT

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  1. James, 03 June, 2010

    for accuracy, try placing water bottles, cones, using sidewalk chalk to mark the service boxes into three sections: inside, body, wide

    Get a hopper and just keep serving and aiming for one of the boxes. Don’t just hit it and hope it goes in a different one, aim for one and keep adjusting until you can get it and keep doing that.

    For speed, try bending your legs and flicking your wrists. The legs is an easy fix. Put a small cone, waterbottle (on its side) or something on the service line laying down. Your goal is to jump over it as you serve so you start behind the baseline and end up in the court afterwards. As for the flick in your serve, that’ll just come with practice over and over as you serve.

    As for percentage, I’d say 80% of first serves is a pretty good percentage. I probably average 60% and hit somewhere around 80-90 mph and I’m only 5’6"

    Trust me, with work and practice you’ll get it down. The big thing is to make sure vary your serve and don’t always hit a kick serve

  2. Sandy ♥ – semi retired :), 03 June, 2010

    Try this site for different drills -> http://www.tennis4you.com/workshop/workshop.htm Good luck 🙂

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