Tennis Elbow 2009 – Preview 3

3rd preview of the incoming “Tennis Elbow 2009” tennis game from . This preview features the new ball physics, as well as the new 3D female players, and some part of the new gameplay. The AI in it is very _BASIC_ and is surely not the final one..! Its goal and purpose is just to send the ball again and again.

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  1. benditlikebender, 19 August, 2008

    make the feet move properly and then we’ll talk

  2. orangedrink, 06 October, 2008

    i totally remember the first tennis elbow. i played it all the time on my pc. memories… 🙂

  3. ccbrwn012, 23 November, 2008

    haaaaaaaaaaaaa that is so true

  4. BrotherTree1, 13 December, 2008

    fuck man, clay is so awesome in tennis elbow.

  5. lostintravise, 05 February, 2009


  6. lostintravise, 05 February, 2009

    Despite the horrible footwork (And other rough edges) this was actually pretty fun to watch. I especially enjoyed them “sliding” (and the sliding noise that came with that) because they are on clay.

  7. PANL23, 12 June, 2009

    looks like a miniclip game

  8. sebanime02, 02 July, 2009

    un juego bastante bulloso verdad

  9. admin304963, 18 July, 2009

    how can i find the full version for free?

  10. AJB3, 20 July, 2009

    This actually looks quite real. Pretty real for a game anyway.

  11. G0odf3lla, 04 March, 2010

    lol players are moonwalking

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