Elbow muscle pain when exercising?

I have this exercise machine where you lay on your back on a sliding mat. one end is levitated and one end is on the ground. on the levitated end there’s 2 wires with handles on them. the object of it is to slide the mat up to the levitated end by pulling on the 2 handles. But there’s one problem, after i do around 20 my right elbow muscle starts to hurt whenever i bend it. It feels like the muscle locks up then slowly goes back to normal. Its in the same area that tennis elbow pain occurs but i only get it when i bend my elbow when exercising. and afterward for about 5 minutes when i flex. its only my right arm. Any ideas? o.o I’m lost.
Right arm is dominant by the way.

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  1. mustang, 04 June, 2010

    could be any of the following
    tennis elbow
    dislocated elbow

    but most probably tendinitis

  2. Taniyah, 04 June, 2010

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  3. Tennis_lover, 04 June, 2010


  4. Ron Brgundy, 04 June, 2010

    I don’t know much about elbow injuries but my first instinct would be to tell you to do a different excercise. Its either the excercise or the way you are doing it that is hurting you. I don’t completely understand the exercise you are describing. It sounds like that thing Chuck Norris sells. You would probably be best off getting into more traditional workout methods.

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