Poked my arm, and now i feel it on my entire arm.?

Okay, to put it simply, I accidentally poked my thumb on the side with a pocket knife, and now it is very sore and every once in a while, I get what I can only describe as a "thread of pain" going from the poke, to the tip of my thumb, and then a few inches above my elbow joint on the inner part of my arm. I didn’t even poke it a millimeter and there was barely a drop of blood.Can somebody please tell me what the hell is going on with my arm?
Actually, I had a tetanus shot 3 years ago,so I am okay for that. However, ever since I poked myself, I have had a shortness of breath and constant cough. Don’t really think they have anything relating to eachother though.

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  1. ttpawpaw, 04 June, 2010

    First of all either see your doctor RIGHT AWAY, if you can’t get in by tomorrow. You probably had a tetnus shot for some time, if ever. The symptoms are sign of blood poisning, sometimes called "lock-jaw". Easy to treat early, but it can kill if ignorred.pp

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