Exercises for Functional Movement and Injury Prevention : Assisted Chin Up Exercises

A new way to do chin-ups! Learn how to improve your upper body strength by doing assisted chin-ups at home or at the gym in this free functional movementworkout video. Expert: Kirk Vickers Bio: Kirk Vickers is the owner of TRIAD Performance Gym and Training Center. He was twice voted as one of Americas Top 100 Trainers by Mens Journal Magazine. Filmmaker: Travis Waack

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  1. ooevilyouloo, 17 March, 2008

    you have no life dude you spend all ur time adding these videos then you are dealing with your own life lol

  2. zazeama4, 18 June, 2008

    Nice video man.
    They are called “reverse-push-ups” though.
    I’ve been doing 200 of these each day for a week now and they really show if you do them right.

  3. jaylesia12345, 09 May, 2009


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