How fast would an elbow injury heal?

I was getting off the bus today and it was raining very bad. The steps are plastic and were wet, as I was stepping down, I slipped and fell on my elbow. My elbow immediately started to bleed uncontrollably. My whole right arm looked like a scene from "Saw" by the time I got home. I washed it up, applied some Neosporin, and put a band-aid on it. I really wanted to go to the swimming pool since it first opened. But I can’t, I know delicate things like this take time, but I just need a crude timeframe of when it might heal. Thanks in advance for all your help… By the way, it looks like a chunk of skin was torn off when I looked at it. My friend described it as, "a hole in my elbow…"
I can still use it. I can’t bend it too much before it starts to hurt (I think that’s because of the band-aid). I’ll take it off and see how my arm does. I’m sure it’s not broken, or else I’d be in excruciating pain.

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  1. Mical M, 04 June, 2010

    Hey buddy.
    You might try to find an arm sling for a few weeks. A few weeks should be fine.
    Take the sling off after that, and see what it looks like.
    Keep my updated!


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