I have a peanut sized lump on the inside part of my arm near my elbow, what is it?

I’ve had this same size lump for three days now. It’s hard to the touch, peanut sized, sore when you push on it slightly, and feels like muscle soreness shooting up all the way from the site to my armpit when I put pressure on my hand. There’s no redness and I haven’t been sick with a fever or anything. What’s the possible diagnosis?

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  1. kinacl, 05 June, 2010

    I’m a nurse. It’s hard to tell without seeing it. I would guess that it’s an injury or a cyst. That’s only a piece of tissue, nothing more. Many people have these. But it sounds more like an injury because you said it’s painful. It could also be puss filled. I would make an appointment and see the doctor. Please don’t attempt to stick it or anything like that, you could make it worse. I think it’s something common that I see in the clinic everyday and that I myself have had. Don’t worry, you are ok.

  2. Caitlin, 05 June, 2010

    it could be cancer or a cyst or anything.. go to a doctor.

  3. Cheyenne, 05 June, 2010


  4. cheryl, 05 June, 2010

    it could be cancerm, but it is also likely that it is an inflammed lymph node,

    just keep watching it if it hets bigger or changes you should go see the doc about it

  5. Marie, 05 June, 2010

    I don’t know, but I had one of those like month ago, and after about two days it went away. Of course I should of went to the doctor, but I didn’t, because it could be a number of things. So please go to the doctor!

  6. Dale, 05 June, 2010

    Sorry I can’t give you an diagnosis since I would have to see it etc. But in any case, the best thing is to see a doctor – I know that can’t be before Tues, but if it’s still bothering you, see one ASP

  7. CARRIE W, 05 June, 2010

    Don’t assume cancer, please. There are many possibilities. See a doctor, have it removed. They will test it and be able to tell you after that. Good luck.

  8. mdbwin, 05 June, 2010

    It may be cancer, so tell a doctor.

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