Question 1: My arm has been hurting for almost 7 months… When it first started hurting I went to a doctor and they said i had tendonitis. But my arm didn’t stop hurting. In February I went to a different doctor who thought i should go to physical therapy, so i went to physical therapy and the therapist said i had tennis elbow, and he treated me and said it should start feeling better and it did for a few weeks but now it hurts more than ever!! I am tired of it hurting it hurts to write, and play my tuba.

There are times when i am almost brought to tears because it hurts so bad. I would go to the doctor again but i have kind of lost faith in them. Even though i have only gone to two doctors and physical therapist, but as a teenage girl that seems like a lot.

Please and info would help.

Question 2: I am in high school with finals coming up. I can answer essay questions when it hurts so much to just hold a pencil. I also have a band final and i can barely play my tuba…

Help me please!

Question 3: So during physical therapy he had to loosen the muscle and i learned how to do that to but it doesn’t help anymore. I am not sure how to describe my pain but it hurts a lot, and every once in a while it feels like stabbing going up and down my arm into my hand and up to my shoulder.

It especially hurt when I move my fingers.

I am right handed and it is my right arm i need it to stop hurting!!!

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