My Arm Really Hurts… Help!!!?

Question 1: My arm has been hurting for almost 7 months… When it first started hurting I went to a doctor and they said i had tendonitis. But my arm didn’t stop hurting. In February I went to a different doctor who thought i should go to physical therapy, so i went to physical therapy and the therapist said i had tennis elbow, and he treated me and said it should start feeling better and it did for a few weeks but now it hurts more than ever!! I am tired of it hurting it hurts to write, and play my tuba.

There are times when i am almost brought to tears because it hurts so bad. I would go to the doctor again but i have kind of lost faith in them. Even though i have only gone to two doctors and physical therapist, but as a teenage girl that seems like a lot.

Please and info would help.

Question 2: I am in high school with finals coming up. I can answer essay questions when it hurts so much to just hold a pencil. I also have a band final and i can barely play my tuba…

Help me please!

Question 3: So during physical therapy he had to loosen the muscle and i learned how to do that to but it doesn’t help anymore. I am not sure how to describe my pain but it hurts a lot, and every once in a while it feels like stabbing going up and down my arm into my hand and up to my shoulder.

It especially hurt when I move my fingers.

I am right handed and it is my right arm i need it to stop hurting!!!

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  1. flipflop2438, 04 July, 2010

    Tendinitis is caused when muscles around a joint get tight, not allowing proper movement in the joint, which causes friction, and therefore inflammation (-itis) between muscles. So the muscles around your elbow need to be loosened. This is odd to describe online instead of doing myself, but if u poke any part of the muscles in your arm and it is painful or feels like rope or sausage, that muscle is tight. Even though it hurts, you must keep pressing on the area. This brings blood to the muscle, which flushes out lactic acid, and loosens the muscles. Another way to increase blood flow to loosen muscles is ice for 20 minutes then heat for 20 minutes.

    It is important that you keep hydrated and stretch adequately before and after physical activity to keep your muscles from getting tight.

    Hate to admit it, but you are right to be loosing faith in your doctors. Many doctors will tell you to rest your elbow for a week or two and take pain or anti-inflammatory medication, but that isn’t attacking the route of the problem. So take care of those tight muscles!

    Good Luck!

  2. Jenelle, 04 July, 2010

    well if it is tendinitis then it will always hurt, however i have the same issue with my knee but doctors have never been able to tell me exactly what is wrong with it. i feel like they have always beat around the bush like it could be this or that. however i realized the only thing that seems to help is staying off of it or taking ice baths will relive the pain for a little while. if u dont want to go back to the doctor try taking an ice bath and see if that will do ne thing but if not i wish u luck cause i iknow how bad it sucks getting no where with doctors.

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