how to get rid of tennis elbow?

I dont play tennis or do anything but type and use a mouse and do normal activities. I do occasionally do some light weight workouts but that’s even hard, now. How much rest is actually needed. I don’t want to lose muscle tone.

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  1. SaVee, 04 July, 2010

    Use some proper tennis elbow stretching exercises, of course! ; )

    Anyone who does any kind of repetitive movements of the arm can experience tennis elbow – Carpenters who constantly do hammering and screw-driving, painters who use consistent up and down brushing movements, people on the computer for a long period of time, etc.. can experience tennis elbow.

    The resting phase for healing all depends on the severity of the condition, really. You can tell when normal activities of lifting up a coffee cup or turning a doorknob aren’t bothersome anymore. I would highly suggest that since your weight-lifting hurts you, to discontinue it in that arm. I understand that you don’t want to lose muscle tone but does surgery sound better?

    Oh and when you do stop experiencing pain in everyday activities, tennis elbow exercises are important to regain the flexibility and strength in that arm. Weights should be added slowly. It might take a good 2 or more months to get where you were before the injury. You should also be aware that improper exercise programs can hinder your success.

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