I banged my elbow, now my whole arm and hand is sore.. Pinched nerve?

I banged my elbow pretty hard about 3 days ago. I hit it on one of those long rectangular door handles and it kind of went right into my elbow. That day my elbow hurt when I bent it, but now it doesn’t and when I move my arm the top of my arm and top of my hand is sore, worse today than it was yesterday. Could I have pinched a nerve?
My arm feels better now anyways. Thanks guys! :p

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  1. Samantha, 04 July, 2010

    If it is a pinched nerve then you will have sharp shooting pain down your arm, or complete numbness. If neither of those are occuring then you may just have radiating pain from the injury site down your arm, or it could be that you injured some structures in the area if by a week it still hurts the same see a doctor so they can see if some damaged was caused.

  2. Val, 04 July, 2010

    it could be or it could just be sore or it could be fractured. I had a friend who fell on her elbow and it fractured and something as little as ramming your elbow into a door could cause a hair line fracture…if its not ok in a week or two i would get it x-rayed. Until then take it easy and move it slowly like no sharp movments with it and try not to let it get hit or hit it on anything. good luck =/

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