Forearm and wrist pain?

Lately I’ve been getting really sharp pains right between the wrist and forearm on the little finger side of the arm. The pain can hurt when bicep curling and preacher curls but it’s at it’s worst when I release the grip of a weight it’s just an unbearable sharp pain that would last for a couple of seconds unless I release the weight really slowly in which case the
pain is not as bad. It’s not just weight training it also hurts during everyday things that include heavy weight for example if I hold my palms out facing upwards and put and kind of
pressure of them the other side of my arm will feel as if it’s about to snap. Does anyone know what the actualy problem is as I’ve been told different things and I’m not sure what’s to belive. Thx
any1 know the actual problem and how to treat it as I’ve been told it could be tendonitos, tennis elbow,a pinched nerve, weak wrists, and just a strain

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  1. Treesa, 04 July, 2010

    Your pain can be from a number of conditions as you pointed out. Speaking from experience in dealing with a few clients of mine (I was a massage therapist) and I new of a few people with these different conditions, I would suggest going to a doctor to get diagnosed. In which case, you can choose from there, to seek out home cures and/or rely on your doctor’s advice. (He’ll probably give you some pain meds.)

    Many people do just fine in not-so-extreme cases to get the diagnosis and go about doing, on their own, forms of stretching and strengthening exercises, applying ice and resting the area. Now, I must mention, there are proper ways to doing these home cures and improper ways can make matters worse. Finding a reputable source on instructions should be heeded.

    Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow and Tendonitis are among the most popular conditions that effect people who do repetitive motions of the arm like weight training, carpenters’ hammering and screw-driving, painters, people working on the computer, golfing, tennis playing (of course), etc. The best course of action to take in these cases for curing this condition is RESTing the arm. The healing can only take place when the muscles, tendons or ligaments involved are at total rest. You most likely will have to give up your weight training on that particular arm using those particular muscles for a few to several weeks in order to totally heal.

    This website – , has explanations to help you identify what you are suffering from, just to get an idea.

    Best of luck and health to you, Sam!

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