how can i heal a sore arm?

my arm is sore EVERYWHERE my elbow my shoulder (right) it hurts when i move it. How can i heal it? with ice? help.

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  1. imsety, 05 July, 2010

    See your health care provider as soon as possible. Is this from an injury? Does pain prevent any use? The ligaments of the wrist, shoulder, and elbow joints may be stretched (strained) or partially torn (sprained), but complete tears are rare. Fractures may occur at the wrist, are less frequent around the elbow, and are uncommon around the shoulder. Injuries often occur during a fall, when the weight of the body is caught on the outstretched arm.

    RIP is the key word: rest, ice, and protection. Rest the arm and apply ice wrapped in a towel for at least 30 minutes. If the pain is gone and there is no swelling at the end of this time, you can stop the ice treatment. Heat can be applied after 24 hours. The injured joint should be usable with little pain within 24 hours and should be almost normal by 72 hours. If not, see the doctor. Complete healing takes from four to six weeks, and activities with a likelihood of reinjury should be avoided during this time.
    Warmth may be of benefit in relieving spasm and pain. Heat may be applied with hot showers, hot compresses, or a heating pad. Heat may be used as often as practical, but don’t burn the skin. Aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen will help relieve pain and inflammation. If pain doesn’t lessen in a week, call the doctor. I hope this helps you. And good luck and merry christmas, and happy new year.

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