How do you keep your elbow straight when shooting?

I have a habit of bringing my shooting hand over to my guide hand instead of bring my guide hand over to my shooting hand, so when I shoot, my elbows aren’t straight and I sometimes miss often, does anyone have advice or know of a website that helps on keeping your elbow straight when shooting, cause I’m really not getting used to it.

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  1. eddie h, 06 July, 2010

    re-do your form, stand in a mirror and do the shooting motion slowly
    and correct you own form. do it slowly over and over again till your body
    remembers and this form comes naturally for you then you can practice with a
    ball in hand (still in front of a mirror)

    better thing to do is have someone pass you the ball and you can catch with
    a shooting position.

    there are also some equipments that can help you with your forms check out

    good luck

  2. Scott, 06 July, 2010




    Habits are formed by constant repetition of a specific circumstance.

    If you do something the same way on a consistant basis, eventually it will become natural.

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