How do I help a sore throwing elbow? (Baseball)?

I am 14 and i don’t usually pitch but when I start to throw a lot my ligament in my elbow hurts REAL bad, to the point where I cant even hold my arm up anymore. My coach says its because i’m not following through.

1) Does anybody have any additional information on what i’m doing wrong?
2) How do i stretch it/rest it so it stops hurting?
3) Should i see a doctor?

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  1. Meaks, 09 July, 2010

    1.) Your elbows hurting cause your: A. throwing more then your elbow is use to. Don’t worry however, with time your elbow will get stronger the more you go into the season, and the fatigue will eventually just disappear (if you play a lot)
    2.) ICE + REST (don’t do any work with that arm) + TIME. follow that recipe until you feel no pain, and then your ready to throw again. This is VERY key, if you try to continue playing with your elbow in a less then par state, it’ll never heal w/o surgery.
    3.) If you following step 2 and its not back to normal in 2 weeks. DEFINATELY see a doctor.

  2. kitkat77, 09 July, 2010

    well, first put some ice on it. If that doesnt work then you should c a doctor

  3. D, 09 July, 2010

    1) Your coach could be right, because if you don’t follow through, your arm will take more stress especially in the elbow because all of the deceleration force is put on the elbow which can be a major problem. You also might need to work on your throwing mechanics a little.
    2) Stop throwing so much/at all for a while until its not bugging you any more. Then when its better, you can start throwing again but focus on following through and good mechanics.
    3) If It doesn’t go away after a while, yes you should but you can always try more of a sport specific trainer because the average doctor might not know as much about the type of injury.
    Hope this helps.

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