What are some pitches to throw that don’t injure you elbow?

I know how to throw a fastball, for seam and two seam, and a change up. What are some other trick pitches I can throw, and not have to worry about hurting my elbow later on. Can you also tell me how to grip them.

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  1. Baseballboy2005, 09 July, 2010

    You got a curve-ball- just don’t throw it all the time, either 0-2 count or when your throwing a fastball/change inside alot to your equal batter (like rightie vs rightie).
    i don’t recommend a slider unless your throwing alot of high balls.
    Splitter, cutter and Forkballs are other types of fastballs

  2. badass, 09 July, 2010

    i would use a knuckle ball. because that’s the only pitch beside what you said can use

  3. lawreym, 09 July, 2010

    A good one is the curveball I started learning that pitch when i was about 12 now I throw it so well that everytime i throw it that it breaks so hard it gets away from my partner i play catch with. I normally hold a curve using the seams closest together and put my fingers on the left side of the seams (opposite side if your a lefty) and as i deliver the pitch you MUST always finsh with your arm below your knee because thats what gives it the break! And to roll your fingers off the ball not snap your wrist like people may tell you. When i was first learning to throw the curve it didnt do much it took awhile now im 14 and im throwing it like a pro it took 2 years to perfect but now its a very dangerous pitch just keep working at it if you want to learn this pitch. Just make sure to be careful with it because you can throw out your arm if you do this wrong or to much believe me i know i try to do to much everytime.

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