The inside of my elbow hurt ?

I am on a softball team. After a couple of throws the inside of my elbow hurts really bad like someone opened it then squeezed the mussel then ripped it then put it back in…

It really hurts when I throw hard but when I throw soft it still hurts just not as bad, so please help me.


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5 thoughts on “The inside of my elbow hurt ?

  1. Sounds like strained muscle. A torn tendon would probably leave you crying. Go see a doctor before you have to play again so you don’t possibly do any more damage.

  2. Miranda T says:

    Om Gosh I Hav The Same Thing! And Im In Softball!
    Thatz Weird, Lol
    And Im Your Age! Lol!
    So I Hav A Reason Why The Inside Of My Elbow Hurts; I Was Kicking My Brother In The Face; And Hes Kinda Tall. I Wasnt Really Gonna Hit Him. The Other Foot Slipped And I Fell On His Scooter. Oww. And Today I Had A Softball Game And I Had To Throw Light. Its So Weird; It Hurts On The Inside.

  3. if it’s hurting in the inside of your elbow over/near the BONY part … there actually a condition known as golfers / pitcher elbow… it caused by inflammation at the site where bone attaches to tendons.
    treatment is usual Rest , ice, anti-inflammatory medication , supportive straps. You’ll have to stop pitching for a while in order not to aggravate it because it wont go away if you do.

    here’s a reference if you wanna read on it

  4. ya sounds like a strained muscle. I used to sprain mine a lot when I was younger. Yours must be just strained though cuz if it was sprained you probably wouldn’t be able to move it. I would def. not throw with it for a couple of days…and put ice on it.

  5. I play baseball but after i throw bout 10 throws it hurts, I usually take an advil or tylenol and it helps a little bit.

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