How can I lose weight for tennis?

I need to gain muscle as well, because muscle is needed for tennis. I have my diet down, but does anyone have any exercise plans for me? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Green hand wikipedia, 10 July, 2010

    I have no straight forward way to help you,But I do some research and I found some websites that they offer very good source for loosing your weight.
    They have very good resource without using pill and special diet.
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  2. Sims, 10 July, 2010

    Heyyy hun! Well I was on my high schools tennis team for all four years and for exercise I think what I’d do during season was like 4 hrs tennis after school w/ the team and the games and also sprints and then I’d go (and still go) to the gym and do cardio and strength training (weights, abs, squats etc)

  3. First, 10 July, 2010

    Hire a substitute teacher. Don’t reach for the brands you know and love immediately – or without thinking first. Eggs are “good” for you, but consider using egg substitutes instead (in fact, many restaurants will let you order lower calorie foods). There are countless “lower” alternatives for you to try. If something different doesn’t taste good, by all means – find a better substitute, or eat less of the original. In some cases, the substitute may be worse for you than the regular version of the product. The good news is, healthier choices are silently replacing their “normal” counterparts – and they taste just as nice.

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