How do i strengthen my elbow after dislocation?

This is the second time ive dislocated my bo’

its been about a month and im done with the streches.
i do curls with a 20 lb weight to get the strenght back
but when i try to do a push up i still feel a lilttle pain
not alot. i can do them but i need it back to 100%.

so is there anything i can do other than curls and push ups to get the strenght back in my elbow??


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  1. Richard C, 11 July, 2010

    You have a few options open to you. Since you have weights you can do some triceps kickbacks. This is a movement where the upper arm gets as close to parallel to the floor as possible. The lower portion of the arm is parallel to the legs. Grasp the weight and move the lower arm up until the entire arm is straight. This will strengthen the triceps. Another movement would be using free weights doing a bench press movement. Here do the movement very slowly using a light weight. The movement should take about ten seconds in each direction, hence the reason for it being a light weight. Only one set is necessary of ten to fifteen repetitions. These movements should help to stabilize the elbow. Don’t push the push ups as there is a considerable amount of stress on the elbow. If you need further exercises call the physical therapist that treated you and ask for some.

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