Will tendonitis/tennis elbow heal even while doing daily/light daily living?

I am currently being treated at the chiropractor, using heat and massage and stretching exercises for the muscles, but I still feel the pulling lightly, but it is better than it first was. I want it to heal and I took a break from exercise or lifting or anything taht would involve pressure to that area, but I do have to work and do normal things like typing, writing, opening doors, etc. Will this heal as I do not want it to permanently be this way? Thanks!
Also, how long does it take to heal fully? Is it unusual that I’ve had this about 3 weeks already?

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  1. Neil G, 11 July, 2010

    It is not unusual for the pain to be there after three weeks. I have had tendonitis in my elbow since I was 13 (too much baseball as a kid). "Episodes" of flare up occur from time to time. The best thing to do is rest and not over exert the hurt elbow. I have found that if you take good care of the injury from the start you should feel better in about 6-8 weeks. Also, you can buy a tennis elbow support brace and wear that during the day/night, I wear a brace whenever this flares up on me and it makes my elbow feel a lot better.

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