Late pregnancy joint separation…any remedies?

I’ve hit 37 weeks and my joints are starting to separate in preparation for the birth. Great for my pelvis but not so much for the rest of me! I feel about 80 years old — my knees creak when I walk, my elbows are in agony when I bend them, my finger joints hurt so much I can hardly squeeze things and in general I’m sore!

I know that it is normal, I’m not concerned about it being something unusual. I’m just wondering if anyone has any remedies (old wives tales welcome!) for easing some of the aches and pains? Have googled it and read through all of the regular pregnancy websites and am coming up with nothing.

Any suggestions or anyone want to share what worked for them?


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  1. AlysrianXian, 13 July, 2010

    I’ve had this problem with all three of my pregnancies. If it’s not the joint pain, it’s something else. Sigh, so painful.

    Anyways, my own home remedies (besides pain pills the doctor prescribed me) include the following:

    Sitz baths – warm bath up to around your belly. I sit in them until I feel well enough to stand up "on my own" out of the tub.

    Warm compresses – most people use cold too, but I found out that the cold only made it worse. I just get a wash cloth and wet it really fast with hot water, throw it on wherever I hurt.

    Elevating the area that hurts – I put at least 2 pillows under my legs when they hurt badly.

    Massages – these are god given…I drive my hubby nuts wanting these all the time

    For a side note – Do not use advil or iboprophen (spelling?), only Benedryl is allowed for pain medication during pregnancy…or so my 3 different doctors told me.

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