What is the name of pain located at the elbow; at the joints of the humerus and radius? Any solutions?

My father recently has experienced pain in his elbow. He says that there is pain at the meeting joints of the humerus and radius. He says it only hurts in the muscle; his skin is fine. He does not know whether his bone is damaged or not however. He says he may be experiencing tennis or golf elbow. Nevertheless, I would like to make sure. Finally, are there any cures or homemade remedies? He wants to see a doctor but is lacking the money. Is there anything that can lessen the pain or cure it? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Karen, 15 July, 2010


  2. Starla, 15 July, 2010

    It does sound like tennis elbow, which I have had personal experience with. There is a strap you can purchase over the counter at most drugs stores, in the area where they keep knee braces, wrist braces, etc. It will look like a miniature belt, adjustable and secured with velcro. Start by placing it snugly over the largest part of your forearm. Most elbow injuries that include tendonitis cause pain that is due to the ligaments that connect the elbow to the forearm "roll" with physical exertion. The strap prevents the rolling, while allowing you full range of motion. You may have to experiment with the strap to find the best position to relieve discomfort. Best of luck

  3. creed, 15 July, 2010

    hard to say what it is but try icing (an actual ice cube), rubbing it over the area of pain for 5-6 mins (expect it to ache, burn, & scream by 6 mins);; then have him knead the area of tension & just above, just below & to each side of the region..the parts that trigger the pain is where he needs to concentrate;; then he just needs to perform tricep stretches…gently & after the ‘massage’..then ice again…basically what he would be doing is releasing the tension on the tendons, if it is an overuse symptom;; he also needs to progressively start to strengthen this arm..shoulder down to the wrist…pain-free…

  4. Douglas B, 15 July, 2010

    I guess it would be called tennis elbow. The muscle in his upper arm, from some pain around it, has reacted to the pain by tightening up it’s tendon. When that happens the overall length of the muscle is shorter so one end is going to be in pain. It pulls on the elbow area so the pain is felt there as it doesn’t have the extra space it had before to let it bend easily. It’s pulling the bones together and it all results in pain. He can release the muscle causing this by doing this:
    With that arm straight out in front of himself, and the palm up, he can take his other hand and go under the arm and about 2 inches up from the elbow, and press in to the bone with fingers and thumbs spaced about one inch apart. When against the bone press them together until the triceps muscle is felt between them and hold a good amount of pressure on it. Now relax his body by takng a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed until the end. After 30 seconds slowly bend your arm all the way up as far as it goes, then release the pressure but hold the arm bent for another 30 seconds. The pain should be gone.

  5. ellijay1, 15 July, 2010

    Castor Oil, I have used it for years, it is cheap. the only bad thing about it is, it is very sticky. but it does wonders. Google Castor Oil and read about it.
    It is an awesome home remedy.
    hope you and your dad try it, and feel much better.

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