Easiest way to shrink clothes QUICKLY?

Okay I have a bunch of uniform shirts and they go down to my knees, and the sleeves are at my elbows. I have three days until it is time to wear them, how do I get them to shrink FAST?? (They are all %100 percent cotton, but not the soft cotton like your favorite shirt, but stiff, icky cotton.) Other than putting them through the washer?

No, I am going to wash them, I was just wondering if there were any other tips that people had instead of washing the shirts. I already know that washing them on high heat will shrink them, just looking for anything else!

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  1. kathleeng1223, 15 July, 2010

    Wash them in hot water and dry them in a hot dryer. They will shrink!

  2. steve e, 15 July, 2010

    Wash them in hot hot water and dry them.

  3. therego2, 15 July, 2010

    Hot water or getting the proper size are your best bets.

  4. Ali, 15 July, 2010

    Wash in hot water. Dry on high.

  5. dolfingirl80, 15 July, 2010

    Try washing in hot water and dry them immediatly.

  6. Deana G, 15 July, 2010

    I don’t think that you are going to get them to shrink enough. You are going to have to find someone to make some alterations for you. Sorry

  7. roeleavitt, 15 July, 2010

    put them in the dryer.

  8. Michael S, 15 July, 2010

    Wash in warm water and put in the dryer – good lucj as some of them might come out with short arms and same size bodies. Send some pictures so we all can have a laugh. Next time buy smaller shirts.

  9. brian b, 15 July, 2010

    dry them to death on the warmest cycle on your dryer

  10. lefang, 15 July, 2010

    send them to my wife!!!!, cotton is almost impossible to shrink you could try a boil wash.

  11. ks1029, 15 July, 2010

    HEAT – hot water in the washer, heat from the dryer

    Why aren’t you washing them? Fabric softener will help the material soften.

    Ok, not washing…Try putting them in the dryer on the highest heat setting.

  12. anitababy.brainwash, 15 July, 2010

    I was going to say wash in extremely hot water,but you don’t want to wash em’. Cotton doesn’t shrink much.
    I can’t help you.

  13. kayboff, 15 July, 2010

    If they are permanent press, you’d better be careful. You are liable to end up with permanently wrinkled uniforms.

  14. mswildsexycool, 15 July, 2010

    Do what everybody has said…wash them in hot water…then dry them(dryer of course) more than they should….so just leave them in the dryer more time..trust me, trust everybody THEY WILL SHRINK!! FAST!

  15. loving_yellow, 15 July, 2010

    STOP STOP you are wasting your time trying to shrink them if they are as big as you said. Cotton will strink some when you put it in the dryer but not the amount that you need. Go buy yourself some new shirts that fit.

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