Is there a way to heal my sore elbow muscles even though i have to use them daily for my work?

I have a job as an overnight grocery store stocker in which I have begun to develop pain in my right elbow after only a few weeks of starting work and the pain has persisted ever since. Is there anything, besides the obvious need of rest, that wil allow me to keep doing my job and most importantly avoid any long term damage?

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  1. Danah Reed, 14 February, 2011

    you should check out how to do tennis elbow exercises, they will prepare the muscles in your forearm for repetitive work and certain specific movements you have to do during the day in your job. There are even a few exercises that will give you almost instant pain relief!

    If after doing these exercises, the pain continues, be sure to contact your doctor and get a professional opinion!

  2. Brett Hanlon, 14 February, 2011

    1 ask doctor about it could be more serious than you think
    2 get a brace cvs, wallgreens, etc.
    3 find another way to do the job?
    4 take medicine for the pain
    5 go look for things that relieve the pain maybe like a patch that covers it

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