why am i hurting still from tennis elbow?

I had tennis elbow about 5 mths ago.Had an injection and it felt good.Now,i have pain again,but this time,its different.The pain is always there,from my elbow down through to my forearm?If i squeeze my forearm,its more painful than the elbow?
The elbow hurts if i press at the spot on the side near funny bone where its supposed to hurt..But why is my forearm hurting so much and what can i do to make it feel better?

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  1. Chris, 14 February, 2011

    I would suggest you stay clear of steroid injections as they can weaken your ligaments and cause you further damage. You need to look into eccentric wrist extensor strengthening exercises, wrist extensor stretching, and possibly physical therapy for pulsed ultrasound and/or iontophoresis w/ dexamethasone. Hope you begin feeling better.

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