What are possible injuries to the Ulnar Collateral Ligament of elbow joint?

Although I appreciate any ones helpfulness greatly, & I realize you are just being genuine, I have gotten many answers when I had a problem like this recently, that did not help at all. So I need clarify things.

1. I almost definitely understand more than you do about my arm and what I have done right & wrong in conditioning, stretching, warming up, & performing with my right arm.
2. I don’t want to hear about how I need to warm up better, & stretch out my arm & I definitely do not want to hear how I need to throw less. I condition my arm in such a way that my arm can take more throwing than you would expect. I throw everyday, therefore I never get a sore arm. I get minor injuries, mostly to the elbow, but I have an arm that is conditioned & prepared at almost a professional level.
3. The one thing I will willingly admit, just to get out of the way, is that I often times do not warm up my arm properly before throwing. I prepare it when it comes to working out & keeping it healthy, but I understand, & hope to fix when my arm is healthy again, my poor pre-throwing activities.
4. Yes, I am a 13 year old kid, almost 14. But do not tell me how I am too young to have such an injury, or I don’t throw hard enough, because that automatically makes me skip your answer, knowing it won’t be any good. I go to an academy, am well taught, take yoga and palates classes, have pretty good mechanics for my age, & I am big for a 13 year old.
5′ 7”, 145 big.

Anyways, thank you for reading those. I just need any answerers to understand those things.

Here’s what I need to know. I’ll give the questions, then give more detail below

What are possible injuries to the ulnar collateral ligament? What I’m wondering is, could you partially tear it? I understand you can receivemicro-tearss to it. Can it be strained, pulled or another injury? If so, how can I get an idea, other than an MRI, what my diagnosis may be? I have done much research on the injury, & I have many of the symptoms, however mine seem to be more acute versions of the symptoms. This leads me to believe it could be a partial tear, which would be good news to me, assuming partial tears can heal, at least decently. Also, what would such an injury feel like when it occurs? I know this happened one time about 2 months ago, & I was VERY worried about it at the time, but nothing really seemed to trigger it. This time, I hadn’t thrown in 4 days & my arm felt great, so I sped threw warmups & on to long toss, & one specific throw, that may have been thrown a little oddly, gave me a sensation I wouldn’t exactly describe as painful as other information I have read would indicate is common. It felt like a slight hit of the funny bone, maybe with a little pain, but more worrying a feeling than a painful one. I immediately realized it & began throwing with less velocity cautiously, not as much because I couldn’t with the pain, but I was being careful. However, the throws following the incident had significantly more pain than the incident itself, although still nothing unbearable.

Now one more thing that could be a relieving thought, would be, when you tear a ligament, or when reconstructive surgery is needed, does this mean the ligament is torn right through the whole thing? If not, then what is considered a partial tear? At what speed & completeness do partial tears recover? Quickly, fully, slowly, not quite 100%?

More information. This happened to me about 2 months ago, without a specific trigger. I threw through pain for about 1 1/2 weeks(don’t tell me… I understand the mistake here). The only grace in throwing threw the pain was, knowing I could do it. As bad as it is to throw threw pain, knowing I could at least do it, was a bit of a relief ; such an injury requiring Tommy John Surgery, I’m sure would not allow any performance. After that time, I came to my senses & realized I should take days off & let my knowledgeable coach know. After the 3 or 4 days off, the injury had subsided a little bit, & I took it easy that practice. With limited throwing for the next week or so, I was back to 100%. Now here is what I think was another large mistake. Instead of rehabbing it a little bit, I jumped right back into throwing full speed & everyday. I was fine, no problems with my arm for about 2 months, til last saturday. This weekend I also threw through pain, as it was a tournament, & I didn’t want to disappoint. On saturday & sunday combined, I probably threw just under 100 pitches(don’t let that number scare you). My elbow was very sore monday morning, & I could not fully straighten it, however later in the day I got it to be almost fully straight w/ little pain. This morning was the same, with no noticeable difference.

If you have good information, & could continue helping me with the provided back & forth communication, please email me at Noahmcdx@yahoo.com & notify me of the email in your a

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  1. jxhzut6156@sbcglobal.net, 14 February, 2011

    Have you or your parents discussed this with a qualified MD specializing in sports injuries or any other type authority.?

    You must realize that here on the YA baseball category that we are not Dr.’s or medical specialists and anything that purports to be said about your problem in a sound medical way or opinion is just that. An unqualified layman’s opinion.

    Please talk this over with your parents or a responsible adult before going any further with this.

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