Should I be wearing tennis elbow band and wrist support in the same time while playing tennis?

I hurt my arm while playing tennis (when hitting backhand to be precise) and I’m pretty sure I have tennis elbow (all the symptoms fit). But even before it happened my wrist hurt a bit and I had restricted range of movement (for example it hurt when I bend it towards my arm or if I put pressure on it).

So I bought this tennis elbow support but I was wondering should I also buy the wrist support? Or would it be just too much? It’s all for the same arm.

The thing is I’m abroad so I can’t really be bothered to go to doctor so will be very grateful for any advice on that from tennis players / physicians.

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  1. Jeff ==(##) o, 14 February, 2011

    Usually tennis elbow is caused by backhand with stiff stings and or frames. If you don’t turn your body and hit through the ball, your elbow is going to take all the impact and sooner or later you got the tennis elbow.
    To fix that you need to ice your elbow once every hour. Before ice it, gently smash the pain area 15 times. This sure fix it in two weeks. Then ice it every time after play.
    You don’t need the wrist stuff if you don’t have a problem there.

    Learn two handed back hand and use it two. It’s good at balls that are fast and close to your body and high balls whatever hard for one handers.

    Think about how to uses more racket head speed in stead of pure arm power.

  2. Damir, 14 February, 2011

    If both hurt, wear them both, but it would be more prudent to stop playing, take some rest and then start to work on muscles which will help that they do not hurt you anymore

  3. bayfourshack, 14 February, 2011

    If you are getting relief from whatever you’re wearing there is no harm in using both.

  4. Grils Khatun, 14 February, 2011

    Your Question is not clear

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