How do you build biceps/shoulders with tennis elbow?

I’ve had tennis elbow for some time now from military training. I’m out of the service now, and have rested my bicep for 8-10 weeks doing physical therapy and all the necessary things, but it’s still just as bad. Please do not recommend medical treatments (i.e. cortisone or resting). My question is if anyone knows of bicep/shoulder workouts that do not put too much strain on my elbows. Curls seem to only worsen them, and shoulder press is out of the question. Any WORKOUT ideas will be greatly appreciated, as not being able to lift weights and only doing cardio has caused me to lose nearly all of my hard earned muscle mass. Thanks in advance.
Correction: I’ve rested my elbows, not just biceps.

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  1. BOBCAT, 14 February, 2011

    This is an interesting question, maybe somebody in physical therapy knows a good answer.

  2. tennislover, 14 February, 2011

    i use to have tennis elbow.. but i went for 5- 10 chropractic adjustments in the helped a little….and plus i take a supplment called TRIOFLEX it has chrondrotion and glucosome, and msm in it… so it speeds up the healing.. helps the connective tissue…. ligaments and cartilage.. i highly recomended this.. u take 2- 3 a day
    i know u dont want medical treatments.. but i am just recomending a supplment.. its just like taking a vitamin…. and i know when i get off it it the pain comes back..

    well there are exercises i will not touch skull crushers for triceps with the ez bar.. and dumbell extension for tricep.. 2 handed.. this strains the elbow because its pulling up and down along it…

    well,..i imagine u can do tricep rope extension… bicep rope extension..use light weight..

    there is another exercise for shoulders on the cable machine.,pulley..u stand to your side and pull the pulley up to shoulder height trying to keep shoulder arm striaght

    u can also do shrugs… at the shrug machine.. u load the plates on and pull up keeping arms straight..

    now i have to get u an chest exercise… you need to go on a chest machine where u simply push out… and u can also do cable cross overs….

    and most important.. do some leg workouts as this makes u stronger all around and releases growth hormones in the body… squats, leg press,s hamstring curls, calf raises..

    eat more protien and glutamine for recovery.. and take that supplment i told u about…

    hey.. i really do feel for you.. its a hard knock when your body is not able to do what u use to do..but u will get back there…be patient and do what u can…and have a open mind…

  3. Donnie, 14 February, 2011

    What I would do is start some bodyweight exercises such pushups (many different variations) – until you get better with your tennis elbow.

    Treat your body as a whole and try not to isolate each muscle until you get better from your condition.

    Also, keep in mind that you should train your tendons and ligaments NOT just the muscles. If you have strong tendons you prevent the tennis elbow condition in the first place.

    Below I list you two good sources, the first is a book for bodyweight exercises and the second is a DVD that teaches you how to strenghten your tendons and ligaments.

    Wish you good luck on your recovery.

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