I’m at my wits end. Help me ?

I have been having wrist pain for years now and im only 19 y/o. My doc diagnosed me with a torn ligament in my wirst 4 years ago, but i went to a hand specialist and he couldnt find anything wrong. So he ordered a mri, xray, nerve conduction test, emg, and mri with fluoroscopy. All tests normal. But now i am having pain in my forearm, my other doc said its tennis elbow. I am going to physical therapy now. But that seems to be making it worse. My p.t said i have an extremely tight tendon in my wrist and tight muscles in my forearm near my elbow. She massaged that for a while and gave me some exercises to do. This was last monday. Since then i have been waking up i excruciating pain in my elbow, where i cannot move it or make a fist. The top of my hand, thumb and wrist is very sore and weak. It almost feels stiff. Sometimes i have burning and throbbing sensation. The pain is radiating into my fingers and on the palm of my hand at the base of the thumb. Im not sure what to do. I cannot sleep cuz the pain is incredible. I am really fed up with this. What can I do?? Should I see another hand surgeon?? I have had 2 cortizone shots and those did nothing. I have also had 3 casts on my wrist. I am very upset. And all this typing does not help. Could someone please help me?? Writing, typing, and gripping aggravate it, but lately ive been have pain at rest…. Please help… Thank you so much
i have thought about amputation.. lol

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  1. Tscotty33, 14 February, 2011

    While working out in a gym a few years ago. i was doing triceps pull downs. I had too much weight on their and I felt something like a tendon deep inside my elbow on my left arm pop. I’d say that was like 5 years ago. Well now at night i get these shooting throbbing pains down my arm that causes my hand to fall asleep and hurt tremendously. There’s many tendons in your arms and wrists. If you over extend one or develop carpal tunnel in your wrists it can be very very painful and most times then not you just have to live with it. i know people in severe pain with it.
    Pain Management is about one of the few choices that you have to help deal with the pain and inflammation. I know it hurts and I am very sorry sweety. I hope you get to feeling better.

  2. Xenotovian, 14 February, 2011

    If you amputate your arm you won’t have those problems.

  3. nick i need help, 14 February, 2011

    You have too see another doctor. Any doctor who you tell all this to and they say nothing is wrong is a MORON. My dad has had some problems, kind of liek what your saying, and it was a pinched nerve. You have too go see another doctor.

    I wish you good luck, and hope you feel better soon.

    Amputation should be a last resort. Before you get your arm amputated you go to as many doctors as you can.

    Remember 1 thing you can always get your arm amputated, but after it’s amputated you can’t get your arm back. You’re stuck.

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