Is my tennis elbow linked to my full western grip?

I’m using an extreme western grip, which helps me generate a tremendous amount of spin as well as good power.
I used to play with a 4 1/2 in (size 4) Babolat which gave me tennis elbow; then I switched to a much lighter Prince with a grip size 4 1/4 in (size 2) and the pain went away… for a whole year.
A couple of weeks ago, the pain came back. I doubt it’s due to the grip size. I’m wondering if my tennis elbow could be due to my extreme western grip.

Also, what are some tips you know for curing tennis elbow? The regular ice treatment didn’t really work for me.

Thank you for any help/tips!

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  1. Michael, 14 February, 2011

    I developed an elbow injury (not exactly tennis elbow…other side of the elbow) becuase of my full western grip. After switching to a semi western, which I believe still generates plenty of spin with a more consistent stroke, my elbow problems went away. This may be attributed to my switch from the whipping motion associated with a western grip to the smoother follow-through associated with a semi-western grip.

  2. Jeff ==(##) o, 14 February, 2011

    Light and stiff racket/strings, not enough follow through, wrong grip size contribute to the elbow problems. The solution for me is to use heavy but head light racket, low string tension if the frame is stiff, and use two handed backhand when I have enough time.

    Ice your elbow once for 5 minutes every hour. Before icing, gently smash the pain area 15 times. This should take care of it within a few weeks.

  3. scooooby, 14 February, 2011

    Jeff pretty much told you everything about the tennis elbow cause. My friend had it for 2 years and she wore a brace and played whenever she could. Just continue playing and don’t stop cause that will never heal it.

  4. connor, 07 June, 2011

    hey man first off all if you are playing with full pollyester stings those are really hard strings hints why they break so easly and even playing with hybrid and those in there can hurt it i suggest going to synthetic and maybe gut but its really expensive and breaks easy hope this helps

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