Why does my elbow hurt when throwing a baseball?

Baseball season has just started at my school, and I started off fine with no problems, but now every time that I try to throw a baseball hard or a long distance I begin to get a pain in my elbow. I’m 16 and throw with my right hand. Could it be my throw all together causing me to feel this pain? Do I need to do other things alongside icing it after practice? What should I do to help this pain stop?

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  1. Kyle, 14 February, 2011

    you could be throwing all arm and not using your core and/or lower body while throwing

  2. Chicks Dig the Fastball, 14 February, 2011

    could be locking your arm too much on extension, like not following through, just snapping your arm. you want a fluid motion, try practicing in a mirror.

  3. Shaggy, 14 February, 2011

    Ok so it could just be that it’s the beginning of the season, and your muscle are still getting warned up to the movement. (That happens to me.)
    Or it could be your mechanics. Make sure your releasing the ball without turning your wrist, in (towards the left) or out (toward the right) as your releasing.
    Or it could be your not stretching it out right, or good enough. make sure you get every part of your arm, fore arm, biceps, triceps, and of course should. And when warming up, start out slowly don’t rush it, or be throwing curveballs and splitters or whatever when warming up, just throw fastballs and focus on mechanics.
    Also as far as icing it, that’s not bad I do that sometimes, but al the MLB pitchers will tell you, after they throw they run. If you pump your arm that’s soar, it will relieve the acid build up, and it will make the sourness go away.
    I play Varsity baseball, so I’m very familiar what with your talking about.
    Hope this helped.

  4. †Lawrence R†, 14 February, 2011

    Make sure that your elbow is at an angle above your shoulder. It puts much less strain on the elbow.

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