I popped my elbow a week ago, had a splint and got a MRI yesterday. Results wont be ready till tomorrow. It did still hurt yesterday at my MRI when they put it at this angle. How long is the supposed to last? Cause now when I straighten it, it doesn’t hurt. Could I still have one of the 2 problems and the pain is going but still needs to be treated?

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  1. Concern, 14 February, 2011

    IF you have tendinitis it will last as long as you continue to abuse it. By that I mean continuing to do the motion you did which got you in trouble. However, if you heard a pop all sorts of things could have happened. Wait for the tests and you will know. If you tore a tendon and didn’t just inflame it you are going to be out of tennis for a while. Sorry.

  2. gail, 07 February, 2015

    Putting up a table.son pushed in tabs I pulled on legs with the palm of my hands facing up.something piped in elbow.son heard it.diagnosis is tendonitis.had a cortisone injection a month a ago.pain when Itry to use it ,straighten it .MRI showed nothing.arm feels weird almost like its sleeping .swollen above elbow in arm painful in arm below painful I cry sometimes.or tho says maybe I’ll need another injection. down the road.there definitely something very physio they put me in wrist splint to rest wrist so arm tendiions and liagiments can rest in arm.when trying to put it on shoulder cracked loud enough to hear and feel.still having a lot of pain in arm.

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