Why have my veins suddenly become so prominent?

It’s not age, because i’m 15. It’s not that i’m too thin, i’m 108 and 5’5.
My breasts, thighs, lower legs, and even around my hip bones. They’re not little spider veins. they’re big blue veins that around my hips you can see curving around and its really strange. i can see the veins in my wrists go from half way in my palm all the way to a my GIANT elbow vein. all the way up my lower arm. that’s so nasty.
but why all of a sudden? should i be worried?

also, on the back of my hand, the veins are so visible that if i press down on it, pull towards the knuckle, then release the pressure, you can SEE (actually see) the blood rush back through the vein.
and i’ve worked up a little tan from tennis. i’m not super super pale.

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  1. Dir33, 14 February, 2011

    Go and see the doctor Please .

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